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Laxmi Tayaru Ammavari Temple


The Laxmi Tayaru Ammavari Temple, situated in the holy town of Bhadrachalam in Telangana, India, is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu. This temple holds a special place for devotees visiting the Bhadrachalam area, complementing the worship of Lord Rama at the nearby Bhadrachalam Temple.

Historical Background

The Laxmi Tayaru Ammavari Temple is an important part of the religious and cultural heritage of Bhadrachalam. Though it may not be as ancient as the Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple, it plays a crucial role in the devotional practices of the region. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, also revered as Tayaru Ammavaru, symbolizing wealth, prosperity, and wellbeing.


The temple's architecture reflects traditional South Indian temple styles, characterized by intricate carvings and detailed sculptures.

  • Gopuram: The entrance tower (gopuram) is ornately decorated with carvings of various deities and mythological scenes, setting a divine tone for the temple premises.
  • Sanctum Sanctorum: The innermost chamber houses the main deity, Goddess Lakshmi, in a beautifully adorned form. The sanctum is designed to create a serene and divine atmosphere for worshippers.
  • Mandapams: The temple complex includes several mandapams or halls used for rituals, ceremonies, and congregations.

Deities and Rituals

  • Main Deity: The principal deity of the temple is Goddess Lakshmi, who is worshipped in the form of Tayaru Ammavaru.
    • Goddess Lakshmi (Tayaru Ammavaru): Symbolizes wealth, fortune, and prosperity. Devotees pray for her blessings to attain material and spiritual prosperity.
  • Daily Rituals: The temple follows a routine of daily rituals, including Suprabhatam (morning awakening), abhishekam (ritual bathing), alankaram (decoration), and archana (chanting of names and offering flowers).
  • Special Pujas: Fridays, considered auspicious for worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, witness special pujas and larger crowds of devotees.

Festivals and Celebrations

  • Varalakshmi Vratam: One of the most significant festivals celebrated in the temple, where married women pray for the well-being of their families and prosperity. It is marked by elaborate rituals and offerings.
  • Navaratri: The nine-day festival dedicated to the goddess, culminating in Vijayadashami. The temple is beautifully decorated, and special rituals are performed each day.
  • Deepavali: The festival of lights, also dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, sees special prayers and festivities in the temple.

Pilgrimage and Cultural Importance

The Laxmi Tayaru Ammavari Temple is an essential part of the pilgrimage itinerary in Bhadrachalam. Devotees visiting the main Bhadrachalam Temple often come to this temple to seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, believing that her grace is essential for both spiritual and material wellbeing.

Management and Facilities

The temple is managed by the Endowments Department of the Government of Telangana or a dedicated temple trust. It ensures the smooth functioning and maintenance of the temple.

  • Accommodation: Various lodging options are available nearby for pilgrims, including temple guest houses and private accommodations.
  • Prasadam: Devotees are offered prasadam (consecrated food) after rituals, especially during festivals and special pujas.

Spiritual and Social Outreach

The temple engages in various community and social welfare activities, reflecting the compassionate nature of the goddess it venerates.

  • Educational Initiatives: Providing support and resources for local educational institutions.
  • Health Camps: Organizing health check-ups and medical camps for the community.
  • Annadanam: Regularly distributing free meals to the needy, particularly on auspicious days and during festivals.

The Laxmi Tayaru Ammavari Temple in Bhadrachalam is a significant spiritual center dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. It complements the religious landscape of the region, offering devotees a place to seek blessings for prosperity and well-being. The temple's architectural beauty, vibrant festivals, and community services make it a vital part of Bhadrachalam's religious and cultural fabric.

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