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Sri Anjaneya Swamy Vaari Devasthanam

Sri Anjaneya Swamy Vaari Devasthanam is located in the sacred town of Bhadrachalam, Telangana, India. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, also known as Anjaneya Swamy, who is a central figure in Hindu mythology and revered for his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama. Given the close association of Bhadrachalam with Lord Rama, the presence of a Hanuman temple here holds special spiritual significance.

Historical Background

The history of the Sri Anjaneya Swamy Vaari Devasthanam is intertwined with the religious and mythological heritage of Bhadrachalam. While the exact origins of the temple are not clearly documented, it is believed to have been established by devout followers of Lord Rama and Hanuman, to honor the divine association and provide a place for devotees to worship Hanuman in the region.


The temple's architecture is characteristic of South Indian temple styles, known for their grandeur and intricate designs.

  • Gopuram: The temple features an ornate entrance tower (gopuram), which is adorned with sculptures and carvings depicting various episodes from the Ramayana and the life of Hanuman.
  • Sanctum Sanctorum: The innermost chamber houses the main deity, Lord Hanuman, depicted in a powerful and devotional posture, typically with folded hands in reverence to Lord Rama.
  • Mandapams: The temple complex includes spacious halls (mandapams) where various rituals, ceremonies, and devotional gatherings are conducted.

Deities and Rituals

  • Main Deity: The primary deity of the temple is Lord Hanuman, also known as Anjaneya Swamy.
    • Lord Hanuman: Known for his strength, courage, and unwavering devotion to Lord Rama. Hanuman is often depicted in a stance of veneration, symbolizing his role as the perfect devotee.
  • Daily Rituals: The temple conducts various daily rituals including Suprabhatam (morning awakening), abhishekam (ritual bathing of the deity), alankaram (decoration), and archana (chanting of names and offering of flowers).
  • Special Pujas: Special rituals are held on Tuesdays and Saturdays, which are considered particularly auspicious for worshipping Hanuman.

Festivals and Celebrations

  • Hanuman Jayanti: The birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm. The festival includes special poojas, abhishekams, and cultural programs.
  • Sri Rama Navami: Celebrated in conjunction with the Bhadrachalam Temple, this festival marks the birth of Lord Rama and includes grand festivities that also honor Hanuman.
  • Karthika Masam: The month of Karthika (usually November) is considered auspicious, with devotees engaging in special prayers and lighting lamps.

Pilgrimage and Cultural Importance

The Sri Anjaneya Swamy Vaari Devasthanam is an important pilgrimage destination for devotees of Lord Hanuman. Its proximity to the famous Bhadrachalam Temple, dedicated to Lord Rama, enhances its spiritual significance, making it a must-visit for pilgrims who seek the blessings of both Rama and his devout servant, Hanuman.

  • Spiritual Enrichment: Pilgrims visit the temple to seek Hanuman's blessings for strength, courage, and devotion. The temple is a place for spiritual reflection and rejuvenation.
  • Cultural Events: The temple hosts various cultural events and programs, especially during major festivals, which include bhajans, kirtans, and discourses on the Ramayana.

Management and Facilities

The temple is managed by a trust or the Endowments Department of the Government of Telangana, ensuring its maintenance and the smooth conduct of daily rituals and festivals.

  • Accommodation: Nearby Bhadrachalam offers various accommodation options, including temple guest houses and private lodges, catering to the needs of pilgrims.
  • Prasadam: Devotees receive prasadam (consecrated food) after rituals, particularly during special pujas and festivals.

Social and Community Initiatives

The temple engages in several social and charitable activities, reflecting the compassionate and service-oriented nature of Hanuman.

  • Educational Support: The temple may provide educational resources and scholarships for underprivileged students in the region.
  • Medical Camps: Organizing health camps and medical check-ups for the local community is part of the temple's outreach.
  • Annadanam: Regular distribution of free meals to the needy, especially on auspicious days and during festivals.

Sri Anjaneya Swamy Vaari Devasthanam in Bhadrachalam is a significant spiritual center dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Its rich architectural heritage, vibrant festivals, and active community involvement make it a vital part of the religious landscape of Bhadrachalam. The temple provides devotees with a place to seek Hanuman's blessings and experience the deep spiritual legacy of the Ramayana.

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